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"When I work with Astrid I always get so inspired! She has an amazing way of pulling your personality out and putting it in your creations. Astrid Mueller has helped me understand myself on a brand level that makes so much sense for marketing and connecting with my tribe. THANK YOU!"

Lorraine Ellen
Business consultant to introverts and empaths

"Astrid is pure magic. Her intuitive way of branding was filled with grace and ease. I loved the way she threw out the old "must do rules" of marketing and created soulful expression with a potent blueprint for success. What normally took months with other marketers, took days! The outcome was pure brilliance. For all you new renaissance entrepreneurs, she is your go to marketing genius! Check out my website for some of her work in action!"

Laura Ann Garris
Life Refresh Coach

"I want to let you know that you have not only created the most gorgeous brand design that I have ever seen (:)) but an excitement that did not exist prior to us working together. Everything you created was absolutely gorgeous. Your work is beyond my expectations. Not only that, you get me! And that made my job so much more easier. Iā€™m sure you have that connection with all your clients, but for some reason, it seems like we really connect as business partners. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are a perfect fit for my business."

Beverly Harris
Wedding Planner, Real Estate Agent

"f you need help developing a brand for your start-up company or freshening up an existing business brand, call Astrid. Her enthusiasm, creative thinking, and brand design skills make her a delight to work with and the results will be exactly what you need to proudly go to market. She specializes in branding for fashion oriented companies and women entrepreneurs but her strategic thinking and design style is well suited for any industry. I'm excited to be working with her on branding workshops and seminars for small business owners to get focus around their personal and company brand to grow their business. "

Sue Kirchner
Brand Strategist

"Astrid is one of the most impressing, talented female entrepreneurs I know! She is THE branding specialist with a huge background in the design industry, always super helpful, very creative, open minded and incredibly professional while still being super nice and personal. I cannot recommend her enough! She helped me with lots of branding questions through the last 6 years, collaborated with me on design Projects, exchanged ideas and thoughts about entrepreneurship and anything related. I am so happy to call her a dear friend and have her as a part of the branding for all my companies."

Andrea Langer


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