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AMT 32: Weaving the Web with Words–with Michelle Delima

Soulpreneur relatives, whether you are in love with public speaking and creating written content, this broadcast is packed full of valuable insight and is perfect for anyone who is looking to amp up their voice with authenticity, both remotely and in front of an audience!

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with public speaker and writer, Michelle Delima. Michelle’s magical superpower is her ability to communicate effectively and authentically through written and spoken word. She owns her own …

AMT 32: Sparking Sustainable Leadership–with Jaleh Zandieh

Soulpreneur relatives, are you struggling to find your unique path and spark as a leader? Have you found what skills you have that make you stand our and sparkly as a business owner and entrepreneur? Are you interested in learning about sustainable leadership?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Jaleh Zandieh, an incredible woman with a distinct and humble perspective on sustainable leadership. Her multicultural upbringing has empowered her to support her clients in finding their own …

Yuna Yang Collection

I find Yuna Yang’s beautifully designed clothes irresistible — and love her promotional video “The Thief.” As Astrid’s social media intern, I stumbled upon Yuna Yang’s dresses when blogger Michelle Lara Lin paired her creations with a Possibility necklace. Her dresses are so feminine but in ultra-modern cuts and shapes. If you’re’ not in love with her dresses yet, you will be after watching this.

yunayang thethief 20121212 vimeo from Yuna Yang on Vimeo.

To die for. Right? …

AMT 31: Power Up Your Own Business–with Astrid Mueller

Soulpreneur relatives, are you ready to power up your own business? Are you curious to know how Astrid ended up in the midst of her glorious and sparkly, solo business manifestation?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I take a different path than I do on previous talks…I’m interviewing mySelf! I can’t wait to share all of the twists and turns that brought me from Switzerland to Kodiak, Alaska, as well as all of the inspirational leaps of faith I …

AMT 30: Playing Big with your Business–with Delilah Panio

Soulpreneur relatives, have you thought about taking your business to the next level and to play big, but are feeling overwhelmed by all of the financial decisions you may face in the process? Do you dream of raising capital and feel lost as to how you might get there?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I chat with Delilah Panio, Vice President of Capital Formation for TMX Group and founder of consulting firm, Stiletto Dash. Delilah is an expert …

AMT 29: Creating Remote, Online Work From Thin Air–with Kelly Ann Collins

Soulpreneur relatives, if you have a passion for social justice and are looking for ways to jumpstart your online/remote business, today’s episode is going to be a treat for you! We’re going to be talking all about creating remote online work out of thin air!

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Kelly Ann Collins, owner and operator of Vult Lab, a social media consulting company based out of Morgantown, West Virginia! Kelly Ann is a fired …

AMT 28: Remote Manifesting & Creating–with Raine Boyd

Soulpreneur relatives, have you ever wondered how you can manifest a life of creating and doing business remotely and on the road? Are you inspired to bring your passions and talents to places you’ve never been before? Or perhaps you’re already working in a remote way, traveling and coming into newness all the time, and feeling overwhelmed with organizing your work and play around your unique lifestyle?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with artist and online blogger/entrepreneur, …

AMT 27: Reaching Simplicity by Releasing the Layers That Don’t Serve You–with Yola Mehmeti

Soulpreneur relatives, are you feeling congested by things that no longer serve you? Perhaps you’re feeling like you want to start peeling away the dead layers of your life but you’re unsure as to how to start?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Yola Mehmeti, a space healing facilitator, energy practitioner, and space holder extraordinaire from New York, New York! Yola is one of the magical coaches that I’ve booked and personally have worked with; so I’m …

AMT 26: Healing by the Power of Gratitude Amy Oesterreicher

Soulpreneur sisters, are you or have you ever struggled to see the light in a difficult situation? Are you someone who has experienced anomalous trauma and felt alone in healing emotionally and physically?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Amy Oestreicher, an accomplished artist, writer, TEDex presenter, and PTSD peer to peer specialist. Amy shares her experience with anomalous trauma, as well as the emotional & physical challenges it brought for her and her family. After spending …

AMT 25: The Magic of Authentic Communication–with Shelby Deering

Soulpreneur relatives, this feature is especially geared towards all of you with a passion for writing and traveling. We’re going to be honing in on the benefits of authentic communication, transparency, and the power of heartfelt storytelling.

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Shelby Deering, who is a lifestyle writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Shelby is all about sparkle and authenticity and today we are blessed to receive her story, as well as some words of …

AMT024: Transforming the Type-A Personality–with Jodi Flynn

Soulpreneur relatives, do you struggle with balancing the logical side of life with your dreams and visions for your future? Are you someone who is under large amounts of stress for a long period of time? Are you looking for ways to expand past limiting beliefs of yourself? Are you a Type-A personality feeling like you need some room to breathe?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Jodi Flynn, author of Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming

AMT23: Creating Structure to Manifest Big–with Lorena Knapp

Soulpreneur sisters, do you have a hard time confronting your inner critic or have a tough time struggling with procrastination energy when it comes time to manifest your dream?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Medevac pilot and accountability coach, Lorena Knapp. Lorena and I are delving deep into the darkness together in order to unpack the fear that lies just beneath the surface, for many, when it comes time to manifesting in a BIG way!

This …