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My 3 (+1) Girlpower Solopreneur Success Tips to Reach your Dreams + Goals and Move Forward

Yesterday I held a girlpower solopreneur success tips webinar that I wish I would have seen years ago. IT WOULD HAVE SAVED ME ABOUT 8 YEARS OF HUSTLING. Seriously! I was always working so hard, yet always feeling frustrated about my goals at the end of the year, wondering “Where did the year go? Why didn’t I reach my goals AGAIN? WHAT did I do again?” Can you relate?

2016 was different. I ROCKED IT!

I found my favorite …

How solopreneurs and freelancers can turn fears + failures into possibility

Last Thursday, I held my monthly free “Celebrate Possibility” online call for female solopreneurs and freelancers again – this time with E.F.T. expert Olga Bochareva as guest. During the call, which is all about helping women business owners get empowered, inspired and celebrate their month’s successes, we zoomed in on a central topic for entrepreneurs:

How to deal with “failures”.

We had a very interesting conversation where we shared our individual experiences and tips from our own entrepreneur adventures, and …

What to do first when you start your own business

Are you thinking about starting your own business, solopreneur venture, or freelance gig, or are ready to take it to the next level? You’re also a woman who loves to dream big and make things happen? Then I’ve got a cool podcast episode for you today:

Melin Isa from the “Planning Your Leap into Business” podcast just had me on her show, and invited me to share some of my biggest learnings (and challenges) from my 11 year journey as …

How to start using your talents + do what you love

feature photo Astrid Mueller interview

Want to start your own business or taking your side-hustle full-time, but something is holding you back? Your instinct is saying yes, but your mind is saying “whaaaaaat?”

I’ve got a story that will inspire you:

I was 34 when I started my first business, and I’ve never looked back! There’s nothing better than finally doing what you love, following your passion, and starting a business that you’re really excited about!

Don Hutcheson recently featured me as guest on his …

Why even solopreneurs & freelancers need branding + brand strategy to succeed

I’m so buzzed to announce that I recently got featured on Nathalie Lussier’s “off the charts” podcast! Nathalie is one of the superwoman entrepreneurs I look up to and get inspired by on a regular basis, and I was thrilled about the opportunity to be a guest on her show!

Nathalie asked me what I had to stop doing and what I had to start doing that took my results and my business “off the charts”. For me, this was …