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Are you feeling STUCK?

  • Or OVERWHELMED with your solopreneur adventure, freelance gig or small business?
  • You’re WORKING A LOT but it feels like you’re SPINNING YOUR WHEELS
  • You want to grow your business, but you’re tight on MONEY (and TIME!), and don’t know how?

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

…be able to WORK LESS yet MAKE MORE MONEY? To WAKE UP HAPPY every day, GET PAID WELL doing what you love, and have lots of QUALITY TIME OFF?

I found ways of doing this! I’m on a ROLL! And I want to help you get there too!

How do I know this?

Since 2005, I have founded several freelance and solopreneur ventures that were all in line with my passion and my super powers. A few highlights: I illustrated a book cover for SOPHIE KINSELLA, designed for brands like MARIE CLAIRE, DIESEL and SWAROVSKI, and created an accessory line that landed me on runways of LA FASHIONWEEK. I learned a lot about branding, design, and how to move forward as one woman show on a small budget. (More about my story and background HERE and in my branding & design and illustration portfolios)

I’m super excited to share my 11+ experience with you, solopreneur sister, with all the ups and downs of my solopreneur adventures… come get inspired and empowered to create your own dream business!

I am your solopreneur sister girlfriend 🙂

My superpowers are….

  • BRANDING: how to get a strong, consistent, professional brand that stands out from the crowd & attracts the customers you love. Even on a small budget and with limited time.
  • SOLOPRENEURSHIP: how to start and grow a business as a one woman show, and create a business and a life you love – even if you just have little time and money to play with.
  • POSSIBILITY: how to believe in yourself and in possibility, get a positive mindset, think like a superwoman C.E.O. and effectively move forward toward your dreams and goals. How to get in the zone, get focused on your goals while finding a balance to also take off, re-charge, and celebrate.

I want to help you because…

From my beginnings, I know how it feels to have a big dream and not knowing how to get there. Or how to pay for it. The insecurities that come with it, seeing all those other success stories. How impossible obstacles can appear! And how small they can make you feel. How frustrating it can be when you find out you just spent a lot of money on something that you didn’t really need! How it feels to be STUCK.

I also know how AMAZING it feels when you’ve finally accomplished awesome things and possibility is starting to happen! When it feels like things are falling into place! When finally, you are doing something you really LOVE! How TICKLED PINK it makes you feel when you hold that big check in your hand! And how FREEING it feels when you’re taking time off and really enjoying it! How ENERGIZING it can be when you team up with other women who are in your shoes too!

My girlfriend heart is beating for you. I want to help you also find your passion, create a business and a life you love, and shoot for the moon and stars! Join me and my online women’s group and get some girlfriend support to help you succeed!

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My Solopreneur Sister Success program:

I’ve developed an online training program called the Astrid Mueller Brand Academy which I’m super excited about. It’s a 6 week girlpower all-encompassing biz success program that helps you tap into your super powers, ignite your brand and shoot for the stars! And you’re in luck: ENROLLMENT IS CURRENTLY OPEN! More at


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