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work with Astrid if…

Commission Astrid if you need:

  • To get your brand to the next level, or to launch your new venture with impact!
  • A studio who can help with ALL your branding, web & graphic design needs.
  • A seasoned pro who helps you realize your brand strategy through design.
  • A designer who “gets” you, and is dedicated to fully understand your brand.
  • A designer who is passionate about helping you succeed!

Work with Astrid also for:

  • Illustrations and design for brands where fashion, style and elegance matters.
  • Illustration and design for modern female audiences.
  • To help you define your brand focus & strategy.

What you bring to the table:

  • A good understanding of your brand, your customers, and your goals.
  • A bit of time to discuss your brand & goals with Astrid before design starts.
  • A budget of $3,500 + for a brand launch, or $500 + for other design projects.

Ready to start the conversation? Astrid looks forward to hearing from you!