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Intuitive Art Readings

I recently discovered my talent and passion for intuitive art readings. You ask a question, I draw blindly, and then you get all kinds of guidance and answers from them. Kind of like oracle cards, but with art! And you get to read all kinds of deeper layers from it too! It’s quite astounding! You can find deep learnings and inspirations for your life and business, yet the whole thing is fun. (For more details, scroll down to my FAQ.)

I’m introducing 2 options at this time:

Weather Forecast for the Soul – Drawings

In this package, you get:

a drawing + video recording + pictures via fb or email + a 15 min follow-up video call with me

$88.88 + an appreciation token of your choice (my inner child will LOVE it!)



Weather Forecast For the Soul – Keepsakes

These are roughly 3 inch wide collage pieces that I design on slices of wood. They come with the same perks (written interpretation + video,) but you also get the actual piece. You can then keep it as art piece and hang it up. If you get more than one, you can also use them like as your own one of a kind oracle cards (tell me if that’s your intention and I’ll keep the collage items close and tight on the wood slice, so your piece will be easy to handle and shuffle.)

I can also do a reading for your pet! For pets I’m currently only accepting donations (I know the deep impact the readings can have for humans but am just starting to play with pet readings) This is one I just did for a dog named Cleo, who seems to have a hint of a dark past, but is now suuuuper happy and loves her new humans. You’ll see the reading came out quite funny and sweet. And yes I felt inspired to add a (sealed) doggie treat.

The cool thing with the dimensional pieces is that you may get several layers in your piece, and find things to explore in multiple layers, kind of like in this one:


In this package, you get:

a drawing + video recording + keepsake + written interpretation via USPS mail
+ a 15 min follow-up video call with me

$123 + an appreciation token of your choice (my inner child will LOVE it!)




How does this work?

Intuitive drawings work kind of like oracle card readings: we bypass our rational mind and tap into our subconscious, higher conscious, and into the energy of whoever or whatever we focus on. Yes, we’re all connected, all is energy (if you’re scientifically minded, compare this to quantum physics or books like THE FIELD, or THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT.) I also call invisible support team in, my spirit guides, and whatever helpers may like to share inspiration for your drawing – so that you’re pretty much getting answers from here and yonder and the universe too 🙂

What’s my approach?

My intuitive drawings are inspired by the approach from Rachel Archelaus and expanded with my own creative ideas. For example, I have sparkle stickers, sometimes I feel inspired to pull oracle cards with the drawings, or collages, or write words or letters. Basically following my intuition of what seems to come through!

What are great questions to ask?

Because this is such a multi-layered method where you can get so much out of it, I recommend to refrain from YES/NO questions, but ask open ended questions. For instance HOW CAN I _____ (insert your name) do ________ (insert your desired result) while feeling ___________(insert how you like to feel as a result of this)” can be a great reference. Be as clear as possible (short and sweet) – make sure it really matters to you – and allow space for open answers. Be open to what the universe will bring – if you just look in one corner, you may miss out 🙂

I can help you formulate your question (I’ll notice if it can be improved) – just book your session, write your question to your best knowledge, and if I feel the need, I’ll cross-check with you.

Can you do this too?

Yes. Intuitive drawings can be done by anyone – but like with anything, some things come easy to us, while others aren’t really our thing. For me they’re totally fun and easy – I have a knack to read from shapes, colors, and see deep meanings you may not see!

Who am I doing this for?

I primarily work with and am most passionate to help soulful female freelancers and solopreneurs and help them get their dream biz flying. However, with this intuitive gift, I can work for anyone – if this resonates with you and you like a reading, book away!

Got more questions about this?

You can best reach me on facebook messenger, message me there!

Cheers! To your success!