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Brand Magic Packages

⭐ Crisp Brand Soul Alignment Clarity

Where are you at? What does your heart seek? What makes your brand unique? In this soul connection consult, we’ll dig deep into what you really crave, and what amazing soul-inspired brand is calling to come forth.

How this happens? Just a few questions at first, then a feelgood soul-connect session with me (and whoever I may feel inspired to ring in – such as my soul-coach sister magic buddy Kavita Singh!) Together we talk, and soul-connect with you and your universe guidance, as I take notes, and your crystal clarity and innate power starts taking form.

You walkaway with huge clarity, connected to your soul-purpose and what makes your heart deeply sing, and of course a video recording, and ample notes, for you to percolate, and take further from here. You’ll also have access to me and my coaches for further support, to make your biggest craves and passion happen, with easy next steps, and fully supported by source.

🍄 Brand Magic Birth🌟

Once you’re aligned with what you want to birth, it’s time for this session, Brand Magic Sparkle – your magnetic brand wants to emerge.

This is a playful yet soul-aligned power jam time, where you get soul-time with me, and whoever I feel intuitively guided to bring in! (I don’t lock this in, as you will get to see, I always bring who and what aligns most, with your day, and what you need.)  in this Band Magic session we’re fully tuning in, with your soul, your brand magic words, what makes you the unique diamond you are, and what the world is waiting to see!

You’ll walk away with your heart on your sleeve, a deep connection to your own unique brand magic is being birthed! You’ll feel a deep connection, just like with your newborn, and we’ll reflect to you your brand in its fullest potential, and you get to connect with what makes you YOU, and who you are as unique brand, when you fully shine.

You also get video recording, of course, notes, drawings, and clarity essence, to take forth. What you can do with this? This is your brand magic “baby”, ready to get out in this world – now it just needs some clothes! Which leads to step 3:

🐥Brand Magic Dressing Time!👗

What look, logo, colors are thine! Here, we visualize with you, and soul-connect with you and your divine team, what brand metaphors, colors, logo shapes, what LOOK is asking to be born. This is not based on rational research, and what others do. But, you may guess it – from what source, and your soul – wants for you. And what makes YOU truly YOU. So be ready to find something super unique, because that’s who we want you to be!

And that’s how you most brilliantly be, the fully expressed, happy, fulfilled person, and soul-preneur we already see.

Sparkly marketing Magic Time

You have enough to get out there (just what you need!) – then it’s time to stat magnetic marketing, so you get to be seen! And so that your soul-aligned awesome customers start to come, and you all just get what you need… and have FUN, AND abundance, because that will amplify at this time. For all of you 🙂

We help you get FLOW, MAGNETISM, from the energy of ease. We won’t give you a difficult system or strategy that feels hard to do, but help you find whatever is your easiest marketing that feels light, fun, and sparkly TO YOU.

If needed, we can also help you with coaching here, so you have no fear, no hurdles, and can easily do what feels great to you and magnetically draws dream customers to you. Side note: We can also do quantum manifesting magic with you and for you – ask us about it. There’s lots of magic we do 🙂

Brand Magnetism Alignment Check-ins⭐

At the time of this writing, we don’t know anyone else who does this, yet – it’s so magical, as you’ll see. This is a check-in time, with your website, and you, down the road, to see how aligned you are to your brand and website, and if it still lights you up inside. And if not, what you can do to re-align. For here’s an important bit, why this is so BIG. Take this in:

If you’re not aligned with your website, it won’t bring clients!

Energy rules. If you don’t feel sparkly and deeply connected with your brand, your energy won’t pass through, and everything halts with a grind. In this brand check in I’ll energetically tune into your brand. You may get intuitive drawings, but also other co-coaches like Kavita Singh – we tune in to all details and how you feel, and we’ll give you crisp clarity how you can re-align with your brand. So your brand will be MAGNETIC again! And CLIENTS WILL SHOW.

This is highly recommended! Like a car tune-up. If you don’t tune it, your ride will get bumpy, and eventually you stop. We want you to SHINE, and go where you want to go – with ease and flow. While having FUN!

Ready? Start here:

We start you off with a Brand Magic Discovery Session. Me and Kavita Singh will tune in to what may serve you best, and which Brand Magic offerings best serve you at this time. This will give you crisp clarity on how to proceed, and what and where you can get what you need!