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AMT 033: Weaving the Web with Words–with Michelle Delima

Soulpreneur relatives, whether you are in love with public speaking and creating written content, this broadcast is packed full of valuable insight and is perfect for anyone who is looking to amp up their voice with authenticity, both remotely and in front of an audience!

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with public speaker and writer, Michelle Delima. Michelle’s magical superpower is her ability to communicate effectively and authentically through written and spoken word. She owns her own business, Write Transformation, based out of Stonington, Connecticut, where she assists other passion-driven people clarify, organize, and articulate their visions for their businesses. Additionally, Michelle has tons of experience in the corporate world, as well as working with independent business owners worldwide! She is a joy and light and I am SO excited to share our interview with you all today!

Key points in this episode:

  • A run down of Michelle’s gifts as a writer and public speaker
  • Why are the words you use to brand your business important?
  • Tips to effectively and compassionately communicate to your clients
  • Breakthroughs and challenges as a public speaker
  • Tips on how to find platforms and settings to practice public speaking
  • Ways to jumpstart getting started with communicating your brand magic
  • What is the point of hiring a copywriter?
  • Michelle’s challenges as a remote business owner
  • And so much more!

Tune in this week to hear all about Michelle’s journey and to learn how you can achieve success by finding your own voice and speaking your story in the most authentic way possible!

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More on Michelle Delima & Write Transformation

Michelle is an incredibly courageous and inspirational woman who follows her heart and dreams above all else. With a BS in Economics and MS in Finance from Boston College, she is now taking copyrighting to the next level by helping business owners tell their unique story and purpose.

Before launching her own business Write Transformation in 2009, she worked with various top global financial firms such as ABN AMRO Bank, Sakura Bank, Bank of America, and innovative Finance Authority of Maine. In those spaces, she served as as a senior analyst/senior portfolio manager and “helped start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals tell their story and get the money they needed to grow, thrive and bring their vision to life.”

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Michelle’s message and mission statement on her website is as follows (because I honestly can’t say it better myself):

“Here’s what I love best about working with you,

Gathering up the bright threads of your purpose and passion, energy and expertise, history and vision, and weaving them into your message, your story. That way, you step into the virtual world with a clear, powerful, true-to-you voice that attracts your ideal clients, makes them feel valued and moves them to connect.”

If you’re interested in connecting further with Michelle, check out her website:

or visit her Facebook page:


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