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the uniform project: brand strategy inspiration for small business owners

In context with my free #girlpower startup newsletter, I recently did a super inspiring interview with brand strategy expert Darcey Howard, where we chatted about her own entrepreneurial experience and brand strategy for startups and small business owners. The interview was so exciting that we ended up talking for a good hour, so I split the video into 2 parts. Last week, I shared the first part of the interview – today I have the second one for you!

To recap where we left off: Darcey was brought on board as brand consultant for the uniform project (it also became known as the “little black dress challenge” later. Remember it? It was this blogger who was wearing one black dress for a whole year, and styled it in 365 different ways. Remember how viral that went?)

Watch as Darcey describes how she consulted them and how this brand strategy inspiration may also be useful for your own start-up brand or small business!

Apart from this case study, Darcey shared further inspirations for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, from her branding experience as well as her own career experience. Tune in for some great #girlpower women entrepreneur tips, and get ready to be inspired!

Learn more about entrepreneur and branding expert Darcey Howard on or connect with her on IG: @darceyhowardnyc | tw: @darceyhowardnyc | pin: @darceyhoward

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