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Small business branding tips: interview with Darcey Howard

A few weeks ago, I was able to interview brand consultant Darcey Howard on how to use branding as small business owner to succeed. Remember the super successful little black dress project a few years back? Darcey was brought on board for that project as brand consultant!

Darcey doesn’t work with start-up brands anymore, but focuses on more established brands these days, who face different branding challenges. This makes me even more excited that Darcey took her time to jump on an interview with me because I was able to tickle a lot of start-up branding tips out of her, which you otherwise wouldn’t get from her anymore!

We discussed super useful small business topics like thoughts on naming a brand, how to get your brand out there if you only have limited resources, yup she’s also got some great inspirations for you on how to get a feasible marketing strategy! One that you can handle without getting overwhelmed. And I asked her how start-ups can do this by themselves. Where to start!

Tune in for the first part of the interview, and be prepared to take some notes! Enjoy!

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To learn more about Darcey Howard visit her on IG: @darceyhowardnyc | tw: @darceyhowardnyc | pin: @darceyhoward

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2 Responses to “Small business branding tips: interview with Darcey Howard”
  1. Jane Altman says:

    Hi Astrid,

    I LOVE LOVE the fact that you decided to do this video. THANK YOU….

    But I wish the introduction had been more concise, personal stories less. I’ll tell you why. The only reason I had tapped into this video was to hear what Darcy had to say about small startups. It is disconcerting to hang in there for all the intro time just to be cut off when actual info started being shared. It leaves one wondering if there will be meat in the next video. Will it be time well spent?
    I truly HATE being a negative nancy, but am hoping it will help you decide how to edit the next video. The original idea for this video was stellar.
    Thanks for listening,

  2. Hi Jane!
    Thanks so much for your input! I’m so glad you liked the video! Appreciate your inspirations for improvement, I’ll keep them in mind for another time! I’ll make sure to make it more clear what to expect and to make that consistent. Good point!
    Wishing you much continued success and thanks again for leaving a note, and for watching! Second half of the video follows in a few days!

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