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Paris Wedding Inspiration

In a few weeks, I’ll have the chance to visit Paris, and I can’t wait! While I’m not planning a wedding, I’m always in love with Paris – it’s the closest thing to perfect as any place can be.  Just thinking about Paris puts you in a romantic mood, doesn’t it? I’m sure it will be a muse for some of my next romantic wedding illustrations!

Is there anywhere in Paris you’re dreaming about? If it has to do with fashion, cozy cafes, vintage shops, desserts, art, or gorgeous views…tell me, and I may look it up and take a photo for you!


  1. photo: William Klein “Mary Dove in Cafe, Paris, 1957” via forum
  2. Paris winter walk tours visit hip for voucher and photo credit
  3. shoe: The Randall, by Badgley Mishka via
  4. eau de perfume “Love in Paris” by Nina Ricci
  5. handmade books, found on parisapartment
  6. Hotel du Nord, Secret Movie Locations found via
  7. Chapon Chocolates on the Rue du Bac (EverJean) via found via wedding planner Parisian Events
  8. heart clutch by Lulu Townsend via


7 Responses to “Paris Wedding Inspiration”
  1. Lucky you!!! Wish I could just hop on over to Paris. 🙂 Oh how I miss their Patisseries! We loved the Latin Quarter when we were there. Still remember having fondue one night in this tiny tiny tiny little restaurant. Have fun!

  2. Brancoprata says:

    You are a lucky lady Astrid!! I never been to Paris but according to André (and everyone else who’s been there) it’s quite amazing and magical!! Have fun!!!

  3. Oh I would LOVE to go to Paris or really Europe in general. It does seem so romantic and lovely. Have a marvelous trip!

  4. naomi says:

    Astrid!!! Paris my favorite place in the entire world! It is just incredible! I was there for my engagement for 15 days days. You are so lucky! Take a picture for me off the new Shangrila Hotel. It is not new but totally redone! Can’t wait to speak with you soon! xo

  5. Have a safe trip…do not stay away toooooo long..Because we will desperately miss reading your blogs daily…Luv yah!

  6. BR says:

    YAY for PARIS! I also love Paris so so much. I think out of all the places that I’ve been to, Paris is my favorite! Love the board that you had put together!

  7. This is breathtakingly gorgeous dear Astrid…

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