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How to tune your mind to success and possibility

A few months back, I had the great pleasure to interview a professional development coach and creativity trainer who has a knack of helping people get unstuck, discover their true potential, and conquer their dreams and goals: Christina Salerno from Living Quirky! I discussed small business owner success inspirations with her. In particular:

How you can get out of your own way,
and open your mind to success and possibility!

In the video, Christina shared 3 fabulous exercises with me, which you can put to work immediately:

  1. The “WHAT IF” game: Asking this question instantly puts your mind into a problem-solving mode, and opens up new possibilities and perspectives.
  2. The “SHOULD SHIMMY”: Catching our mind when we get stuck in the “should shimmy” and what we THINK we should be doing, but then thinking beyond those boundaries!
  3. The “ZOOM CREATION”: Changing the perspective, and either think bigger, or much smaller, thereby also uncovering new possibilities and solutions.

I remember after speaking with her, I used her “WHAT IF” game for the first time, and it set me into such a positive, energizing mindset that it gave me good vibes for days to come! Since then, I actually turned it into a habit whenever I do brainstormings to ask this question and do Christina’s exercise – it’s so powerful and effective to move me forward and kick projects into gear!

Watch the interview to get the full scoop and learn how these exercises can help you succeed:

More about Christina Salerno here on!

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