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How to manifest magic in your dream business and life 🚲

What if you can manifest magic in your dream business and your life? And feel as if it’s your birthday party, every day?

You can.

Thing is, the only thing that’s typically in the way is our mind.

What if this happens? Or “I can’t!” – I’m not good enough. I need more money so bad… This will never work… First I need to … (you insert what comes up in your mind when you think of your current biggest wish.)

What if, all of this is b.s.?

What if any of this simply isn’t true?

And just your mind singing you a tune?

How to manifestmagic painting sneak peek

You are magnificent. Magical. You can do anything. And you can start here.

If you haven’t met me before, my name is Astrid Mueller, aka “Sparklegirl”, and I’m intuitive sparkle transformation coach, helping change makers and soulpreneurs change the world, doing what they love. Making their dreams and dream business come true. By empowering them from the inside!

Yes and there’s also the universe.

With me you get the whole package deal, so you can free your mind, and heal.


And do and be who you came here to be.

And I help you get there with ease.

So! I have a special gift for you! By inspiration (aka universe message): I feel inspired to gift you with a very special healing session!

It’s in this video. And I’m gifting it to you here. But make no mistake, this can be priceless, if you are ready to receive.

Are you ready? Are you ready to free your mind to also manifest miracles in your dream business and your life?

(say yes below or loudly in your mind!)

Yes this is going to be different  🙂

Are you ready to receive?

(if you haven’t said yes yet, do this before you proceed. In your mind is fine, or say YES! below)

Now ready, set, go!

Wonderful. You’re welcome.
(says me and my divine team.)

Allow yourself to be surprised, overcome your puzzled wondering mind, and just watch, you’ll find everything here.


PS: Just like “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, freeing your mind of all limitations will take time. You can start here, but there’s more magic and help for you when you come inside.

I create sacred spaces of possibility, where I give my clients business and brand clarity and find easy next steps forward, and become the person they’re meant to be. If this is you and you really want to be who you came here to be, and make a big difference with your dream business, book a next session with me, let the bigger magic begin!


Want to buy the actual drawing as digital download, to print, and keep feeling the magic manifesting energy whenever you look at it?


Thank you for dropping me a line!