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How I personalized Lovleen’s Indian wedding stationery

My very first bridal client for Astrid Mueller Exclusive had been running all over New York City looking for someone to create cartoons of her and her fiancé for their wedding stationery.

Lovleen wanted something cute, but not really like a cartoon. It had to be chic, yet have a dash of humor. No one had the faintest idea what she was talking about. Not Google, not her friends, not any stationery boutique in New York.

That was until she walked into the door of Printicon, one of my trusted vendor friends. Vahid, the store owner, knew exactly what Lovleen wanted and instantly referred her to me. It was so funny to me, because when we spoke, she described EXACTLY what I specialize in, and what I love doing! It was a match made in heaven, and we were both thrilled to have found each other.

Apart from an illustration of her and her fiancé, Lovleen commissioned me to design a pattern for her stationery. She was celebrating with a modern engagement party in New York, but her wedding would take place in an Indian palace.

This is some of the inspiration I worked with:


Indian palace wall art (1), orchids would be the flowers at her engagement party (2), the typical Indian Paisley motif (3) which Lovleen asked me to somehow incorporate, and I researched a lot of Indian wedding fashion photos (4).

To create this pattern:


As Lovleen is a modern bride from NYC, I chose to only hint at the traditional paisley pattern to give her design a contemporary look while reflecting her Indian heritage. I wove in little hearts as a playful symbol of their love, and based everything on the orchids she had chosen to accentuate their chic, metropolitan engagement party.

Lovleen then requested favor tags for her engagement party that used her custom pattern, showcased their personal illustration that I created, and explained their celebrity name RoLo.

This is what the three-part favor tags looked like:
Come back next Friday to read why Lovleen and Rohit go by the celebrity name RoLo and how we communicated it to their guests!


  1. Ante room to the Grand Durbar Hall, Samode Palace, photo seen on artnlight blog
  2. photo seen on photobucket
  3. photo seen on houseoflime, direct link to photo
  4. photo seen on
  5. photographer {waiting for information}
  6. wedding illustration, pattern, stationery, monogram design and photo by Astrid Mueller Exclusive, letterpress printing by printicon New York


3 Responses to “How I personalized Lovleen’s Indian wedding stationery”
  1. Jessica Fox says:

    I absolutely love the idea of a custom poem, and the pattern and tag you created for Loveleen is just beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jessica, so glad you like the post! Stay tuned!

  3. I love the little details that you put into Lovleen’s stationery pattern like the little hearts and the orchids!

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