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Celebrate possibility: empowering women business owners from Singapore to Alaska!

I’m SO EXCITED: I just had my first successful CELEBRATE POSSIBILITY women empowerment call online, with women business owners from around the world! From Singapore, New York, Montreal, Phoenix Arizona, and Kodiak Island Alaska (that was me)! Girlpower champagne bubbling all around the globe!

With my CELEBRATE POSSIBILITY calls, I strive to:

  • INSPIRE you all to think big and see that anything is possible!
  • EMPOWER you with power techniques, tips or tools to make it happen!
  • CELEBRATE: toast to something cool you achieved this month!

Also, I’m always inviting one women business owner as special guest, to share some power exercises/tips that help us grow our mind, and our business.

My special guest today was:

Christina Salerno from Living Quirky! She’s a fabulous mindset coach and does amazing things, inspiring people to find their passion and get empowered to make their dreams come true. Christina unfortunately had a bad internet connection, but scroll down to get her tips with the link below!

Watch the call we had today:

Empowerment tips & resources mentioned in the call:

My empowerment story from the call:

I shared a “pants down” super honest challenge & possibility story from my solopreneur business: Last year, I wanted to grow my business beyond my brand design consultancy (where I just get paid for my time) and first had no clue how… I had just ended a relationship and was at a total new beginning, with my business and my life. All year I tried Debt Supersite to move my business forward and find my real purpose. I was working a TON, networking a ton, on a quest, but not seeing real results. I felt like I was spinning my wheels, not really enjoying life, and often had insomnia …

How I got out of this situation:

At the end of the year, I decided to do 2 things:
1) to make FOCUS my big year for 2016
2) to start doing positive mindset work daily

I’ve applied both every day in my business since January 1, and my year has been AMAZING so far! I feel I’m really moving forward now, super focused, doing stuff that’s helping me reach goals… I’ve reached big goals this year already, and I’m overall feeling much more positive, energized, and happy every day compared to last year! The insomnia moments have become far and few between too!

I’m so grateful!! I feel I finally GOT THIS and that I am on the way forward to growing my business to a new level – It’s already starting to happen! I’m now at a level that makes me super happy and excited about it – AND I have more life quality and spare time already.

I want you all to feel this amazing too, and also create a business and life that makes you happy!

Want to learn my top 5 techniques that I use every day to do this?

They’re super easy techniques that can take me as little as 30 minutes every day!


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