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Brand design peek: Upcoming bridal brand by Lea-Ann Belter

It has been quiet on my blog, but I’m coming back with a vengeance (so I tell myself). I know, I know, I’ve said that a bunch of times here – I guess I just have to prove it. Here’s my first post of the new blogging me! Thanks to a consulting session with Crosby from PR Couture last year, I resolved to refocus my brands – which I had way too many of, as I had to admit!

My gosh, I learned so much from this. I’ll share more of this with you soon – and there will be my new website, new focus, new designs! Most useful for you, presumably, I’ll dive into branding quite a bit more. As you know, I’m passionate about branding – because there’s so much (more) a business can accomplish if it has a strong brand and solid, consistently implemented brand strategy! I’ll share much of what I learned, with lots of examples and tips – stay tuned! For now, I have a glimpse for you into one my current brand design projects:

This is an announcement card for the upcoming bridal brand Astrid & Mercedes, by Lea-Ann Belter – planned to launch this fall. This brand design item here was a tight timeline item, there was just enough time to get a good understanding of the brand and reconfirm it with my client, and then dive right into the preliminary brand design with the essentials for this announcement card: the logo, an illustration, and the general direction of the typography and brand color palette. Next I’ll be working on the full brand development and the website…

We’re all very excited about the line and the brand – it will be soooo pretty! If you know Lea-Ann Belter’s bridal gowns, you’re not surprised, I’m sure. This line will be fresh and different, but just as amazing. Stay tuned, more posts from the design and branding arena coming soon!



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