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AMT 021: How to Manifest Big Clients (pt. 1)– with Melinda Chen

Soulpreneur sisters, are you trying to manifest big clients to your business? Are you unsure as to where you should start and to promote your business to big paying clients?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Melinda Chen, an international business coach and founder of Women Making Big Sales. Melinda assists individuals seeking to attract high-paying clients to their services. She teaches and empowers people globally to step into their power as business people, by showing them the steps it takes to research, approach, and retain big clients.


Key points in this episode:

  • What are the commonalities of big clients?
  • Knowing and researching potential clients
  • How to advertise your work in a clear, succinct, and deliberate way
  • The importance of urgency and acting now
  • Staying positive and competitive
  • Why do we doubt ourselves when approaching big clients?
  • The magic of simplicity
  • And so much more!

Tune in this week to hear from Melinda and of the practical and tangible ways you can level up your business by attracting big clients!

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More on Women Making Big Sales + Melinda Chen

Melinda Chen founded Women Making Big Sales after she discovered a passion for empowering women to go after high-paying clients. She is currently based out in Montreal, Canada, but travels the world, as she works remotely. Melinda developed a sales system that connected her with big companies and allowed her to do business with them on a level that didn’t feel too “salesy”. Melinda has online training modules available on her website. Her training includes Skype-client meetings, as well as live role-playing  to dissolve self-doubt. This way, her students are best prepared her to meet with potential high-paying client. To learn more about her programs and offerings, visit her site at:

Aside from her business endeavors, Melinda is a mom of two boys. She enjoys creating and collaborating in coffee shops. In her free time, she finds joy connecting with her close knit family and circle of friends.



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