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AMT 020: The Necessity of Play– with Kavita Singh & Jean Berry

Soulpreneur sisters, have you ever felt the calling to make a huge leap of faith in your life to something new, exciting, and more in alignment with your soul purpose? Are you having trouble feeling inspired and seeing how this could be a possibility in your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed with work and have very little play in your life?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I talk with my soul sisters, Kavita Singh and Jean Berry about the importance of incorporating play energy into your daily lives, as well as how it can support you exponentially while creating your dream business!

In this episode, we will be diving into all of the juiciness that playfulness can offer to soulpreneuers. By harnessing this energy, we will tell you how we have transformed “work” into something fun, engaging, AND productive! By doing so, we have been able to manifest growth and limitless abundance for our dream businesses and our intention is to share our secrets with you! 

Key points in this episode:

  • How the energy of play can help you grow their business from the inside out
  • How to change your mindset in order to change your reality
  • Creating an environment of joy and happiness for yourself and your dream business
  • Listening to your heart and intuition to manifest growth
  • How collaboration can fuel your dream business
  • How to create a game that can be played with others
  • Creating long term relationships that support our lives and businesses
  • Shifting your perspective from “working” to “playing”, even when there are logistical tasks that need to be completed
  • The expansion of energy that occurs when play is incorporated into aspects of work

This episode with my sisters is a game-changer. Listen in to receive activations of playfulness and inspiration! And if you’re ready to make your own quantum shifts into the realm of play, I’m here to support you as you take your leaps!


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More on the Energy of Play + Kavita Singh & Jean Berry

Kavita Singh is the founder of Earth Angel Wishes and proclaims herself as your personal “truth alchemist” and “manifestation genie.” She helps women in life’s crossroads make their dreams into reality through quantum magic. She’s obsessed with personal growth and using her divine potential to create a peaceful life of fulfillment, harmony, and love. Since early childhood, Kavita has been on a quest to figure out how the world works. She grew up seeing her family struggle and spread kindness in hopes of growing love around her. After a while, she forgot about this point of view only after intense mystical experience with her dead father did she realize that you can choose to grow in pain or in love. Kavita chooses LOVE.

If you want to learn more about manifesting your dreams with Kavita, visit EARTHANGELWISHES.COM !


 Jean Berry is a creative entrepreneur who teaches heart-centered business owners how to align their businesses spiritually for success.  Jean incorporates her skills in corporate systems and accounting to develop practical, structured courses for cash flow creation grounded in Soul Alignment.

A teacher by nature, Jean has always created new classes and workshops once she found a way to make her new revelations usable for others. After numerous requests by her right-brained clients about how her highly effective Soul Connection work could be used in business, Jean incorporated her skills in corporate systems and accounting to develop practical, structured courses for cash flow creation grounded in Soul Alignment.

On a personal level, Jean is also a working artist, paints in her private studio, practices yoga and Qigong, and loves to travel. She lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, Dale and dog, Razzle-Dazzle.

If you’d like to now more about Jean and her soul-inspiring work, visit!

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