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AMT 035: The Power of Perspective–with Jessica Paschke

Soulpreneur relatives, are you ready to discover your innate intuitive gifts? Have you ever been curious about psychic mediumship? Are you feeling stuck and wanting to change some aspect about your life using simple methods? Have you discovered the power of changing your own perspective in order to create these changes?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I talk with psychic medium and intuitive guide, Jessica Paschke. Jessica also lives on Kodiak Island and operates her own remote business. She assists her clients in developing their intuitive gifts and helps them deepen their connection with the universe, and in turn, their sovereignty. Her work is primarily centered around creating shifts in perspective, which then ripple outwards to aspects of her clients’ lives. Her clients are then able to embody and fulfill their wildest dreams and goals.

Key points in this episode:

  • What on earth is intuitive coaching and psychic mediumship?
  • How your thoughts influence reality
  • Challenges you may encounter when shifting from an in-person business to an online business
  • Tips on how to bring your business online
  • The importance of listening to your intuition
  • Tips for building your innate, intuitive skills
  • Using the body as an intuitive tool
  • Intention setting vs. creating space for growth
  • How can the power of changing your perspective can shift your entire life?
  • And so much more!

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More on Jessica Paschke & Psychic Mediumship

Jessica Paschke currently resides on Kodiak Island, Alaska where she runs her own business, Intuitive By the Sea. In addition to her job as a psychic medium and intuitive guide, she is also a vocal performer and coach. She has traveled extensively throughout her life, which has blessed her with a unique and varied perspective on life. As an intuitive guide, Jessica understands that life is not happening to us, it is happening for us. Therefore, she recognizes that everyone around her are Creator beings and works to empower all in acknowledging and claiming their innate and sovereign, intuitive gifts.

As we all are, Jessica is on a constant journey of becoming, and is continuously unraveling and understanding her soul and blueprint as a spiritual human incarnated on Earth. She is on a mission to connect each of her clients with their soul purpose and guides them to their fullest potential and embodiment.

To connect with Jessica or to schedule a session with her, reach out on her website:

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