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AMT 019: Making a Business When You’re Remote – with Kim Piper

Soulpreneur sisters, it’s hard to start a business when you’re remote. It’s even harder when you’re not 100% sure how to make it work. Today is such a treat! We are going to be speaking with Kim Piper who will be talking about making a business work, even when you’re remote.

Kim Piper was born in the United States and grew up in England. Her parents couldn’t decide where to live, but they eventually ended up settling in Boston. Throughout her life, Kim has traveled the world to figure out what she wants to do. She now lives in remote Kodiak Island, Alaska, where she owns a Print and Design Studio. Listen in to see how this lady’s adventure in life has led her to where she is today!

Key topics:

  • Kim’s life story of moving all over the world
    • The United States, the United Kingdom, and Egypt
  • Her career in photography, especially as a Conflict Photographer in the Middle East
  • How a well-traveled woman ended up on a remote island
  • A flippant remark that made her decide to embark on a new journey (Universe Magic!)
  • Making a business work, even if you’re learning on-the-job!
  • The importance of community building when you live remote
  • Three special tips that keep Kim going
  • Learning how to create collaborations with other businesses
  • How she keeps her business in modern times while living remotely
  • Challenges of making a business in a remote place and overcoming them
  • And so much more…the list could keep going forever!

Kim says, “Just because you live in a remote place, you don’t have to necessarily give up style in any shape or form!” She’s making a business work in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska. Listen in to hear how this Prada boots wearing Soulpreneur is standing out on an island full of Extratuffs.

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Learn about Kim…

Kim isn’t afraid of anything! She is a former war photographer who loves MOMA, design, punk rock bands, and is a subversive gangster hip hop junkie. She lives on the remote island of Kodiak, Alaska, where she owns Printmasters–a design and print shop. Without any background in silkscreening, Kim bought the business and taught herself how to provide quality on a small island in Alaska. Now she collaborates with other local businesses and creates her own designs to bring a bit of modern design to a remote fishing town. To check out some of her work, click on her Facebook Page or her Etsy Page.

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