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AMT 018: A Year of Possibility – with Astrid Mueller

Soulpreneur sisters, have you ever felt the calling to make a huge leap of faith in your life to something new, exciting, and more in alignment with your soul purpose? Are you having trouble feeling inspired and seeing how this could be a possibility in your life?

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I indulge in how I came into my own inspirational journey, after making some serious quantum leaps!

This feature dives deep into my story as I transmuted my way through challenges of a mundane and unfulfilling workspace in the beginning of my career. My magical alchemy shines through as an inspiration for women designing and building their own business and community/support system. Tune in until the end for a special offer in order to jumpstart your next big move in make the possibilities happen in your life!

Key points in this episode:

  • Who am I and what does it mean to be a soulpreneuer?
  • How did I discovered my deepest passions in life
  • Making quantum leaps by ransforming hustle into zen
  • Shifting into your fullest potential when confronted with challenges
  • Building community in order to create success and abundance
  • Trusting the process and letting go of expectations
  • Opening up to bigger and brighter possibilities
  • Special offer from me at the end of the episode

My personal transmutation is highly empowering. Listen in to get inspired by my story! And if you’re ready to make your own quantum shifts, I’m here to support you as you take your leaps!


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More on Astrid Mueller & soulprenuership:

I am an empowerment coach, soulprenuer-extraordinare, and business branding/design facilitator! I’m on a mission to support women grow their businesses in an energy of passion and play. Currently, I am the CEO of Sparkle, Play, & Possibility and I work to bring women into alignment with their true soul purpose. Not only that, my partner, Kavita and I, offer sessions in order to guide clients into their finding, expressing, and magnifying their gifts. I reside in Alaska and have a deep love for nature, connection with my community, and for bringing abundance and success into others’ lives. For more info on my work, visit and browse around my site!

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