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AMT 017: Passive Income While Living Remotely – with Eva Jorgensen

My soulpreneur sisters, today’s episode is such a treat. My interview is with Eva Jorgensen from the remote mountain town of Heber City Utah. She will be sharing with us how Passive Income has changed how she’s formatted her business.

Eva Jorgensen has a BSA and MSA in Fine Arts. She used her love of letter pressing to provide for herself after the markets crashed and all the universities froze their hiring programs. Although she graduated hoping to become an art professor, she now has her own business and works with various companies as well as create her own products. Listen in to see how living remotely has catapulted Eva to where she is today!

Key points in the episode: 

  • The beginning of her company, including how she named it!
  • How she made a name for herself and continues to stand out in a very competitive business
  • Why it’s important to be aligned with your aesthetic
  • Challenges of living remotely
  • Benefits of living remotely
  • Three power tips to help you focus on your goals
  • Creating a way to receive passive income
  • A book to inspire you to get your business going NOW!
  • And so much more!

Listen in and get inspired to create your own way to receive passive income! It’s okay if you live in a remote town. You can succeed, too.


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More info on Eva…

Eva Jorgensen graduated with her MSA in Fine Arts hoping to become an Art Professor. Due to the market crash, universities weren’t hiring. Instead of getting discouraged, Eva bought a letterpress and let her love of art do the rest. She now not only runs her own business selling stationery she designs but she also provides her designs to various companies.

Eva and her husband also work with their friends to create films as passion projects and online commercials. If you’d like to learn more about Eva and what she does, click HERE.

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