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AMT 016: The Importance of Business Reflection – with Rachael Thompson Phillips

Hello soulful soulpreneur sisters! Today’s guest is Rachael Thompson Phillips. I’m so excited to have her with us this episode because she has so many modalities under her belt. This show, she will be sharing the importance of business reflection as you begin or continue to grow your business.

Rachael is the creator of the “BEYOU” Oracle Cards and her modalities including founding two successful online businesses and hosting a radio show. She’s also a speaker, coach, mentor, NLP/Meta Dynamics Practictioner, psychic clairvoyance, Reiki & crystal healer, and so much more! Please listen in to see how one question from a surprising person changed her business reflection.

Key topics:

  • How a near death experience led Rachael to creating a promise to herself
  • A step in her life that turned Rachael from a confident master to a student in her field all over again
  • The importance of honoring personal traits and recognizing how they can help you be more successful
  • Learning the difference between processing and reflecting
  • The question that lead Rachael to realize the need for business reflection
  • Realizing to live in the present to create a balance in your personal and business lives
  • Focusing on inner growth so that you can help those around you to the best of your abilities
  • Three power tips that Rachael lives by
  • A special card reading from the “BEYOU” Oracle Cards creator to our listeners
  • and so much more!

Listen in so you, too, can start using the power of business reflection to realize your abilities and learn how to create a balance in your business and personal lives!


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More about Rachael…

Rachael Thompson Phillips a Spiritual Entrepreneur, has committed herself to education. She feels that knowledge has the potential to change lives and we are uniquely amazing creatures that are striving to be best versions of ourselves. With a long list of modalities, we could go on and on, but if you want to learn more about Rachael, visit her website HERE.

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