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Small Business Resources

Through my branding and design work for my clients and my experience in growing several of my own brands, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m constantly looking for great resources, tools, tips, apps, and contacts. Here are a few of my favorites!

My free resources:

First, I have a free goodie for you to help you boost your brand! 10 power tips to help you make your brand stronger. Grab it now, and you’ll also get my free weekly girlpower small biz newsletter!



Also, join my girlpower business owner facebook group CELEBRATE POSSIBILITY: It’s for small biz owners from anywhere in the world. You’re not alone. Come join us and get (and give) some support! We’re helping each other dream big, succeed, and then celebrate!

Some of my Favorite Business Books

Opportunity for Exposure:

I’m always looking for savvy women entrepreneurs for skype interviews. I feature these interviews in my newsletter, on my blog, facebook group and social media. Sometimes there may be additional opportunities like getting featured on other blogs I write for, or collaborating with me on a seminar. Pitch me! If you have an inspiring story and/or expertise that’s useful for women small business owners and solopreneurs and would like to be featured or work with me, email me!

Another opportunity for exposure: Apply to get featured in my radio show and podcast “Remote Possibilities”. If you are running and growing a unique business despite being far away from big city lights, contact me! I’m interviewing inspiring women business owners and solopreneurs from Kodiak Island, Alaska, but am looking to feature strong and inspiring women business owners worldwide!

A Great Resource for Fashion Brands:

the fashion potential logo

A great resource for fashion students, emerging designers and fashion brands. Spearheaded by industry veteran and a good friend of mine, Melissa McGraw. Among other impressive things, she helped Gwen Stefani launch one of her brands! Check out THE FASHION POTENTIAL and learn how to launch your fashion brand the right way!

Fashion Look Book Templates:

If you’re an emerging fashion designer, you’ll love this: I designed fashion look book templates which you can download and customize to your needs – super affordable, including a design tutorial. Check them out here!

Brand Copywriting:

I highly recommend Jessica Fox – she’s amazing at evoking images in one’s mind through her writing. She understands the potential of branding and is fabulous at tailoring her writing to reflect your brand in the best light, while speaking to your particular audience. She specializes in writing for the bridal and fashion industry and modern female audiences! Another fabulous lady you may want to check out is book author and brand writer Gabrielle Tozer!


If you’re not in for a custom production, and you need something on a start-up budget, I recommend – they have such modern, fun, and high quality products, they’re making it easy to launch fast, sleek, and on a small budget.