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meet astrid

Hi there! I’m Astrid Mueller

I’ve been called bubbly, or sparkly,
and I’ve come to see myself as “sparkle worker”

I used to hustle, and do things the hard way…
now I found a way to shine my soul-preneur light,
and co-create with the universe, while I PLAY!

My background is branding, and design, and always helping women SHINE…
until I found my soul purpose to empower soul-preneur women worldwide,
to access their inner superpowers, ignite their dream business,
and let their unique gifts FLY!

One of my soulful co-creator coaches, Kavita Singh, recently said

“Astrid is highly creative with her arts, crafts and intuition
where she helps women to harness and ground their spiritual gifts
into this world via branding, design and intuitive coaching! “

I’ll let it stand at that, and send you some sparkles right away,
and if all this inspires you
(even if you don’t know why, or how, or what or who???)…

come check out MY PLAYGROUND,
and join me and other soul-preneur women and play,
to playfully soulfully create your dream biz too!