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Gift idea for morning grumpies: dish set by Ritzenhoff

Some of you may remember that when I started out as illustrator, for a while I ran a boutique with items that featured my illustrations. It was exciting at the time, and nothing against cafepress – but the boutiques can be easily opened by anyone, and it’s very hard to make sales without some serious marketing.

Well I have super exciting news: Some of my illustrations are now available in real brick and mortar stores, internationally, and online! The unique glassware company Ritzenhoff invited me this year to start working with them, as one of their illustrators for their beautiful gift products. Guess what, the first product just hit the stores! Wohooo!

Proud to present: my Ritzenhoff GOOD MORNING DESIGN EDITION!

astrid mueller for Ritzenhoff - Good Morning glass

astrid mueller illustrates for Ritzenhoff - Good Morning Jumbo mug

astrid mueller illustrates for Ritzenhoff - Good Morning bowl with lidall above photos by Ritzenhoff. Click on images to buy!

Glass and mug, illustrated

Design detail of Astrid Mueller's Good Morning SeriesAs you see, I had a lot of fun designing these!

The illustration briefing and inspiration: breakfast and mornings, joy of life, happiness, fun! This made me think of illustration characters that I had designed eons ago, which were just sitting around in my digital shelves, waiting for better days. I called them “the mopies” – they’re always in some kind of a bad mood, for various reasons. These illustration figures made me think of my own mornings (I’m not a morning person haha).

So, I designed a GOOD MORNING DESIGN series with my mopies, for all the people who need a bit of time to wake up too. As you see, the little guys in my designs are in all kinds of trouble with chicken, eggs, breakfast timers, and a variety of ill-fated morning conditions. My goal was to make even groggy morning people smile when they see the mopies. Considering the issues of these little guys, our own mornings can’t really be that bad. Right?

Hope you like the series too!
To buy, visit Ritzenhoff’s online store here (mug), here (cereal bowl), or here (glass)!




2 Responses to “Gift idea for morning grumpies: dish set by Ritzenhoff”
  1. Becoming_Bryna says:

    Soooooo cute, Astrid!! I can see kids would enjoy these items bigtime!

  2. Really nice design Astrid! I am a big fan of stuff from Ritzenhoff, mostly the beer glasses – but I guess your work did not match that type of glassware. The drinking glasses would be a really nice gift though.

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