wedding anniversary gift idea: a fashion portrait

    I’m always very excited when a couple approaches me for a romantic keepsake illustration. Recently, a lovely lady named Paula commissioned me for an fashion portrait of her and her groom for their upcoming wedding anniversary celebration (which will happen in beautiful Italy!). Paula loved the fashion-inspired clean-chic sketch-like look that I’ve recently used a lot, and she was dreaming of an illustration which would include lots of lace details, in close resemblance to her beautiful anniversary celebration dress. The illustration will be a keepsake wedding anniversary gift.

    Join me for a behind the scenes peek: this will be Paula’s wedding anniversary celebration dress:


    First sketches and ideas, inspired by the couple: First, a classic sweet pose and bouquet:

    weddingillustration_astridmueller_sketch2 copy

    One idea was to incorporate the groom’s much loved car, and the couple’s dog into the design:

    weddingillustration_astridmueller_sketch1 copy

    And I also suggested a playful concept, in a dance-like pose, celebrating!

    weddingillustration_astridmueller_sketch3 copy

    Paula preferred the classic clean chic pose, which is always timelessly pretty! This is one of the near finished versions, inspired by the actual dress colors (blush):

    weddingillustration_astridmueller_nearfinished 2and this is the final wedding anniversary illustration, livened up a bit with some artistic liberty and bolder colors!

    finished wedding illustration

    The finished fashion inspired wedding anniversary illustration

    This time I worked with watercolor brushes for some of the color accents – I’m recently really loving the real-paint feel of watercolor. I like how the roses turned out with the imperfect watery edges in the red hues… what do you think? This illustration was created all digital. I’ve started to play with real paints again though (see  my instagram for sneak peeks) – stay tuned for some more fun in the near future!

    Lucite jewelry by possibility – now in bold spring colors

      Are you indulging in springtime weather yet? If yes, I’m happy for you! Enjoy it! In many places around the globe – including on my island here – it seems to remain wintry and we can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to come, and stay! Trying to convince spring to come along, I just introduced a range of sizzling, summery colors to my Lucite jewelry by possibility. Take a peek!

      Lucite necklace Aleksandra - fashion jewelry by possibility Lucite necklace and hair band ALEKSANDRA, with double-faced satin ribbon in aubergine

      Lucite necklace Anastassia - fashion jewelry by possibility Lucite necklace and hair band ANASTASSIA, here shown in the color ‘lagoon’

      Lucite necklace Katiyana - fashion jewelry by possibility Lucite statement necklace and hair band KATIYANA, here in lavish purple satin

      All the pieces from possibility which come with a ribbon are now available in these summery hues:

      satin ribbon colors for Lucite Jewelry by Possibility

      I’m really swooning over lagoon, and azalea, for fun and playful outings, and can’t make up my mind about which dark hues I like best for classic occasions. This double-faced satin is gorgeous, and all of the ribbons have a beautiful silky shine in the light. Ok – even though I sincerely mean that, this is enough of the self promotion (bah!)

      How about you? Which color is your favorite?

      Scandinavian Design Love – Wallpapers by Ferm Living

        To all design lovers! If your heart also beats higher for the refreshing simplicity and style of nordic design, you’ll enjoy these wallpapers by Ferm Living. Yes they ship to the USA too!

        available at - click on image to get to the product page

        available at - click on image to get to the product page

        available at - click on image to get to the product page

        What design movements or geographical design inspirations do you really love?

        Art inspiration of the day – Paper Artist Yuko Nishimura

          This is when the word ‘marvellous’ takes on a whole new significance. How amazing, amarvellazig, marvel-worthy are these?! Artist Yuko Nishimura, everyone. Spotted via Designtaxi.

          Yuko NishimuraRelief series by Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura

          http://yukonishimura.comRelief series by Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura

          Yuko NishimuraRelief series by Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura

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