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AMT 019: Making a Business When You’re Remote – with Kim Piper

Soulpreneur sisters, it’s hard to start a business when you’re remote. It’s even harder when you’re not 100% sure how to make it work. Today is such a treat! We are going to be speaking with Kim Piper who will be talking about making a business work, even when you’re remote.

Kim Piper was born in the United States and grew up in England. Her parents couldn’t decide where to live, but they eventually ended up settling in Boston. Throughout …

AMT 017: Passive Income While Living Remotely – with Eva Jorgensen

My soulpreneur sisters, today’s episode is such a treat. My interview is with Eva Jorgensen from the remote mountain town of Heber City Utah. She will be sharing with us how Passive Income has changed how she’s formatted her business.

Eva Jorgensen has a BSA and MSA in Fine Arts. She used her love of letter pressing to provide for herself after the markets crashed and all the universities froze their hiring programs. Although she graduated hoping to become an …

AMT 016: The Importance of Business Reflection – with Rachael Thompson Phillips

Hello soulful soulpreneur sisters! Today’s guest is Rachael Thompson Phillips. I’m so excited to have her with us this episode because she has so many modalities under her belt. This show, she will be sharing the importance of business reflection as you begin or continue to grow your business.

Rachael is the creator of the “BEYOU” Oracle Cards and her modalities including founding two successful online businesses and hosting a radio show. She’s also a speaker, coach, mentor, NLP/Meta Dynamics …

AMT 015: Building Bridges into the Quantum World with Christine Neve & Isabelle Blank

Join self-proclaimed soul sisters Christine Neve & Isabelle Blank on today’s podcast, as they expand our horizons into the quantum world! These two women are making BIG shifts together by harnessing and radiating their quantum gifts and magic!

In this episode, you’ll hear about how they teach people to tap into their own energetic autonomy and sovereignty. Tune in for a tool kit of energetic activation techniques that you can take home and integrate into your own life!

Key points

AMT 014: Finding Your Business Potential – a Review on Danielle Laporte Book

Soulpreneur sisters, this week I will be discussing a book that literally got me to start thinking about my business potential. When I think of a book that inspired me to create and find more light, I think of Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions.

Danielle Laporte is an author who is a big believer of self-compassion. She is there to offer her clients and those who need it spiritual back up. Listen in to see how Danielle’s words have …

AMT 013: Building Your Remote Business – with Erin Harrington

Today’s episode with Erin Harrington is a real treat, Soulpreneur sisters! Listen in as Erin speaks about how you can build your career up even when you live in a remote area.

Erin Harrington is the executive director and project lead at the Salmon Project and a business inspiration for all business owners who live remotely. The Salmon Project is an initiative that ties Alaskan cultural, ecologic, economic, and social aspects to salmon, focusing on the positive issues of salmon …

AMT 012: Taking the Leap to Finding Your Calling – with Kelly Ruta

My Soulpreneur sisters, this is a real treat! Today’s show is an interview with Kelly Ruta, a Psychotherapist turned Expert Mindset Mentor who will inspire you to also want to find your calling!

Kelly Ruta relocated from the busy hub of New York to a charming, small town in North Carolina where she found her calling. She shares this journey with us today.

Key points in today’s episode:

  • Kelly’s story of the many starts she had to get to where

AMT 011: Overcoming Transitions – with Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Soulpreneur Sisters, get ready to be inspired in overcoming your transitions by today’s guest, Johanna Baker-Dowdell. Johanna is a PhD candidate in the Journalism, Media, and Communications program at the University of Tasmania in Australia.

She’s an author, blogger, writer, and P/R specialist in her own right, but today, we are going to learn about her transition to moving to a remote town in Tasmania and the challenges that she faced.

Key subjects we hit:

  • Using Social Media to build

AMT 010: Quantum Manifesting Magic + Possibility – An Interview with Kavita Singh

Soulpreneur sisters, do you feel like you’re trying so hard to move forward but no matter what you do, you can’t? It’s time for you to start manifesting your thoughts into the universe with quantum magic!

In today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature, I speak with Kavita Singh is an Intuitive Mindset Coach and founder of Earth Angel Kavita is known for helping women make their dreams reality through bold action, intuition, and mindset work, from the soulful energy of …

AMT 009: Are you COURAGEOUS enough for your dream business? With Sydney Campos

Hello Soulpreneur sisters! Today, I have a treat for you with our special guest Sydney Campos! Sydney is a transformational coach and intuitive advisor as well as an author and speaker. She travels the world helping women align themselves with their soul purpose and create their dream business and dream life.

In this episode of Astrid Mueller Talks, Sydney shares her journey to becoming a successful traveling soulpreneur as well as how she inspires other women to grow their dream …

AMT 008: Where the Magic Starts – Creating a Year of Possibility – with Astrid Mueller

Hello, my Soulpreneur sisters! Today’s episode is a little different because I won’t be interviewing anyone. Instead, I will be sharing my year of magic and possibility story of how I got to where I am today.

This isn’t my whole history, but rather a summary of the magical year that has led me to my current self. Hopefully listening to this episode will inspire you to take the leap so you can also sparkle in your life and business.…

AMT 007: Investing In Your Dreams, Investing In Yourself – With Nannette Foster

Welcome soulpreneur ladies! Today’s Astrid Mueller Talks feature is with jewelry artist, metalsmith, founder of Wild Island Studio and soulpreneur, the amazing and talented Nannette Foster! Listen in as we talk about investing not only in dreams but also in yourself. I am so happy you are here today and joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to continue introducing you to some truly amazing ladies bring you tips, inspiration, advice, information, and more!

Nannette enjoying the beautiful Alaska …