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Bridal Fashion Inspiration: Lovely, NYC

Recently, the Lovely Bridal Shop New York asked if they could blog about me.
I really appreciate their fashion and sense of design and style, so I was thrilled!

Lovely Bridal Shop New York

Lovely Bridal Shop New York {image via prcouture}

Lovely Bridal Shop New York

Lovely Bridal Shop New York {image via brooklynbride}

When I visited their website while getting ready to collect images for them, I fell in love with the Ban-Do photo on their front page (2). I don’t normally do this, but inspiration got the better of me and I created a quick fashion sketch (1), especially for Lovely Bridal:

for the love of bowsSince I love ribbons, lace, and everything nice, I added two more items to this inspiration board for you. Pretty things just make my heart beat higher –  I can’t help it!


  1. Fashion illustration sketch by Astrid Mueller
  2. Hair Accessory by Ban-Do {via Lovely Bride}
  3. Lace & Bow Boot by Asos Tobago
  4. Gold Brooch by Sarah Cavender (4)


One Response to “Bridal Fashion Inspiration: Lovely, NYC”
  1. Wow Astrid, this is beyond lovely…and your sketch is gorgeous, I really love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day, cheers: Evi

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